Terms and conditions



It is important to be aware of as well as understand that there are significant differences compared to Western countries regarding car insurances and responsibility in case of damages. For example, in most of the Southern African countries such as Namibia and Botswana, it is not compulsory to have any car insurance. This means, that the majority of the cars do not have any insurance at all and that the owners and/or car users are personally responsible for any damages and compensation in case of an accident or damages. Each vehicle with a valid license is covered for 3rd party insurance and we have a very comprehensive Motor Vehicle Accident fund which also cover visitors to Namibia. www.mvafund.com.na



  • All our terms and conditions as well as our rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Our rates include VAT, maintenance, unlimited kilometers, 3rd party insurance and all our vehicles are insured against theft and
    damage with an excess from N$20 000—N$60 000, depending on the model you rent.  We also have a basic and super waiver available.
  • All our vehicles are rented out subject to our terms and conditions as stipulated in our rental agreement.
  • We reserve the right to substitute a booked vehicle with a similar one.
  • Our minimum rental period is 4 days.
  • Our rates are calculated on a 24-hour basis  –  starting from pick-up to drop-off time.  We also have a grace period of 1 hour on date of return.
  • Extensions might be possible if arranged 48 hours prior to drop-off time.
  • We need a valid and unendorsed drivers’ license in English from each driver of our vehicles .  No age limit is applicable.
  • Vehicles may not be taken outside the borders of Namibia without prior notice and approval in writing from the owner.
  • We accept Visa and Master Card.
  • Our vehicles are all equipped with a Netstar tracking device  with 24-hour surveillance on performance,  speed and GPS co-ordinates.
  • Our vehicles may not be used to tow any other vehicle/trailer or caravan, to transport any goods or people at remuneration, in any motorsport, in any water pools or salt pans or below the high tide water mark.  The vehicle may also not be used to drive through water, swamps or sand storms.  The Van Zyl’s Pass and the Kaudom National Park– routes are off-limits to our vehicles and no dune driving trips, e.g. Faces of the Namib are allowed.
  • In case of negligence the hirer will be responsible for the entire amount to repair/replace the vehicle:  Negligence is regarded as follows:  Water damage of any kind to the vehicle or camping equipment, an unauthorized driver driving the vehicle; an accident, damage or loss of the vehicle not reported to the owner and/or police within 24 hours; reckless driving or driving on unauthorized routes; dune driving; disregarding the official speed limits and driving more than 80 km/hour on a gravel road; not maintaining a safe following distance on tar as well as on gravel roads; stopping on a thorough fare—road surface, e.g. to take a photograph; backing up into another vehicle or obstacle; driving the vehicle before sunrise or after sunset in rural areas.  Disobeying any traffic rules for example, driving on the wrong side of the road or skipping a red traffic light.
  • Camping equipment is rented out with vehicles only—we do not rent out camping equipment to non-vehicle hirers.
  • In case of a break-down, Crossroads should be contacted immediately to organize a speedy repair by a Crossroads-appointed service provider.  If we are unable to repair the vehicle , a replacement vehicle will be sent within 48 hours.