Price for additional 2 campers is N$200.00 per day for rentals less than 15 days. Camping fridges are rented out at N$100.00 per day and is not included in the offer mentioned above.

  • Roof top tent with double mattress: – usually sleeps 2 but some parents have accommodated a small toddler or baby as well.
  • Other important equipment: 25 liter water can, ground sheet, gas stove, battery lamp, recovery kit (emergency kit with jumper cables, minor tools, a tow rope, torch and minor tools) and spade.
  • Cooking utensils: Knives, forks, spoons, tea spoons, mugs, glasses, plates, cereal bowls, egg lifter, wooden spoon, serving spoon, bread knife, vegetable knife, pot, pan, kettle, braai grid and braai fork, cutting board, tin opener and cork skrew.
  • Other necessary equipment: Camping table, camping chairs, bucket and bowl for washing/cleaning dishes, cooler box and scoop and hand brush.
    Camping fridge (As an extra at N$100/day) We also supply an electrical extension cord , should you stay over at a camp site with electricity.
  • . . . zzz: You may choose between sleeping bags, double or single duvets with a fitted sheet for the roof top tent mattress, pillows with clean covers and also loose mattresses if you prefer a ground tent.

CAMPING TIPS   –  “Keep everything organized and clean!”

  • Pack your clothing and personal belongings in soft bags—they are easier to handle than hard suitcases.  The more side pockets the bags have, the more convenient. One for undies, one for toiletries, one for socks (yes, lots of them), one for PJ,s, etc.
  • FOR THE LADIES:  If you are going on an extended trip, try to book somewhere in a lodge or B&B every 5th night or so …..  Namibia is a very dusty country and although we have excellent camp sites, it is usually very nice to have a real bed as well as a hot shower/bath and a hair dryer every now and then.  This also gives you time to clean your camping equipment, wash your washing and have the vehicle cleaned.
  • Do not leave small children unattended at camp fires and remember to wear shoes  –  loose, hot coals have ruined many a camping trip.  Do not forget insect repellant—citronella candles, the works!
  • Pack lots of hydrating creams, moisturizers, lip balm and of course sun block  –  yes, even in winter.
  • Bring your own first aid kit  –  we supply some on request but remember to pack important medication.
  • Pack the following:  Tin foil, toilet paper, zip lock bags, spare matches,  6 d-sized batteries (to replace the ones in the lamps we provide),  your normal food shopping and always 1 additional emergency meal (eg. pasta and bolognaise) … just in case.  Enough drinking water (1 liter per person per day) – also keep your 25 liter can on board full at all times.